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We are a direct Moshay dealer and can supply these in any size, shape, or quantity that you want. They are sold in PACKS OF TEN IDENTICAL PICKS -- buy as many packs as you need.

Moshay Pick History


Moshay Pick inventor, Joe Moshay began his musical career in the ‘20’s. As an accomplished violinist, he led his own orchestra. Playing in Hollywood’s most glamorous nightclubs and headlining at the Mocambo and Ciros on the famed Sunset Strip, he then went on to play the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Coconut Grove at the famous Ambassador Hotel.

Being a versatile musician and booking agent, he formed MUSIC by MOSHAY, which provided music for all types of events throughout Southern California. Moshay, along with playing society engagements, spent 20 years as a studio musician for MGM, Columbia and Paramount.
When playing his double, banjo, he found that the picks available simply could not hold up to use and would either crack, chip or peel. So, he developed and patented a hand made pure nylon pick with a hole for optimum control, a “skin-grip” as it was originally titled the rest is history.

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The Moshay Family

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