• Are your picks really guaranteed to not Crack, Chip, or Peel?

    Yes, they are! If one ever does, return it to us by mail and we will replace it.
  • How can you offer such a guarantee?

    Our picks are produced from the finest, most durable nylon made.
  • We offer 3 pick dimensions in 4 different thicknesses or weights.
  • The pick dimensions are Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Small size picks are 1 1/8” long, Medium are 1 1/4” long, and Large are 1 3/8” long.
  • The thicknesses are Thin/Red .025 weight, Medium/Green .030 weight, Thick/Blue .040 weight,and Extra Thick/Black .050 weight.
  • Are dealer prices available for ordering in bulk?

    Please contact us with inquiries.